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  • New Year Challenge

    Happy New Year, Everyone! 2020 is here! We are ready to begin our New Year Challenge and start the year off building healthy habits! This year will be starting off with a 5 week Weight-loss & Nutrition Challenge! Our goal for this challenge is to build proper habits that we can retain for the rest of the year as well as lose the end of year, Holiday weight we all gained! What is the New Year Challenge? This will be an individual challenge. No teams to worry about, but if you guys want to partner up and hold yourselves accountable, by all means do so! However you will all be judged by your individual performance with the workouts and your weight-loss. How long is the ....

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  • Nutrition Counseling

    Nutrition Counseling

    Part of our culture here at CFDA is to continuously grow and evolve in the pursuit of never ending progress! We are adding a program that you all can take part of if you like. Since many of you are now starting to get more into the nutritional aspect, I have put my brother, Frank Cosenza, in charge of Nutritional counseling. Frank holds a masters in Exercise Science as well as many nutritional certifications. Currently he is working in China for the Chinese Olympic Committee as one of their strength coaches. He will work with anyone who signs up for the program remotely via E Mail and help guide you through better meal plans and hitting your target macros more suited for your lifestyle. ....

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  • Holiday Wars 2019 Week 4

    Holiday Wars 2019 Week 4

    You've made it to Week 4! Congratulations! Did you read my e-mail? Maybe yes, maybe no...! If not, you should be ashamed of yourself! And for those reasons we now have Burpees! Remember, you did this to yourself! You're Welcome! Rx M/F - For Time: Complete 3 Rounds of: 20 Alternating DB Snatch (50/35) 12 Burpees over the DB Then complete 3 Rounds of: 6 Bar Muscle Ups 12 Burpees over the DB. 15 Minute Time Cap. Masters Rx - DB Weights (40/30) 12 Chest to Bar Pull Ups instead of Bar Muscle Ups. Burpees still Burpees. Scaled: DB Weights (30/20) 24 Wall Balls (20/14) Instead of Bar Muscle Ups Burpees still Burpees! Standards and stuff: Alternating DB Snatch - Both DB Heads must hit the ....

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    The Finale of Holiday Wars 2019 is the SUPER TOTAL! For the past few years, we have finished out with a 1 Rep max in each lift: Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Back Squat, Push Press and Deadlift. However, this year we will be replacing the Push Press with Bench Press and we will be adjusting the way we organize the event! Our hopes is that this will help move the event along a little faster, as well as get everyone a taste of what it would be like to compete at a Sanctioned event. Each athlete, will compete to find their 1 Rep Max in each lift: Snatch Clean and Jerk Back Squat Bench Press Deadlift. The way we will organize it for the day is as follows: Previous years, athletes were ....

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  • Holiday Wars 2019 Week 3

    Holiday Wars 2019 Week 3

    We are heading into Week 3 of Holiday Wars! The First 2 Weeks were child's play, now we get into the real deal! Rx M/F For Time: 1200m Row 50 Thrusters (95/65) 30 Handstand Push Ups Masters Rx M/F 1200m Row 50 Thrusters (75/55) 50 Hand Release Push Ups Scaled M/F: 1200m Row 50 Thrusters (45/35) 30 Hand Release Push Ups 16 Minute Time Cap! Thrusters Standard: May Squat Clean first rep. Full Squat, Hip crease below Knee. Full Lockout at the top Head through! No Funny Stuff or Bro Reps! Handstand Push Ups Standard: Must begin in a fully locked out Handstand before your first rep counts. Nothing but your feet may touch the wall at the top of the rep. Butt May not be against the wall at ....

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  • Holiday Wars 2019 Week 2

    Holiday Wars 2019 Week 2

    Week 2 is here! Buns got toasted on the first one, let's see if you have anything left for the second! Rx: 3 Rounds for time: 30 Calories on the Assault Bike 20 Toes to Bar 10 Deadlifts Men: 275lbs Ladies: 185lbs Master's Rx: Men: 225 Ladies: 165lbs Scaled: 3 Rounds for time: 30 Deadlift 20 Med Ball Sit Ups 10 Cal Assault Bike Men: 155lbs/20lbs Med Ball Ladies: 105lbs/14lbs Med Ball Yes! The Scaled is reversed for extra fun! I scale funny! --- There is a 15 Minute Time Cap on this workout! No funny stuff! CrossFit Standards on all movements apply! If you have any questions about exercises, I'm sure I will be able to answer them! Best of Luck to you all! Find the Leaderboard ....

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  • Holiday Wars 2019 Week 1

    Holiday Wars 2019 Week 1

    Week 1 is about to begin! Here is the plan for the first week of Holiday Wars 2019! Rx: 14 Minute AMRAP 7 Chest to Bar Pull Ups 7 DB Cleans 50' Front Rack DB Lunge Walk 35 Double Unders Weight- M:50lbs F:35lbs Masters Rx: 7 Chin over Bar Pull Ups 7 DB Cleans 50' Front Rack DB Lunge Walk 35 Double Unders Weight- M:40lbs F:30lbs Scaled: 7 Ring Rows 7 DB Cleans 50' DB Lunge Walk (Can hold at sides) 70 Single Unders Weight - M:35lbs F:20lbs -- Rx is for anyone looking to compete for the Big Prizes. Masters is for anyone 40 years and older. Scaled is for the warriors who need a little assistance. Whatever Division you choose ....

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  • Holiday Wars 2019

    Holiday Wars 2019

    HOLIDAY WARS 2019!!! So CrossFit decided they wanted to steal my thunder and move the Open to October which gets in the way... slightly of Holiday Wars for me! Never fear! We are doing it anyway! What is Holiday Wars??? Holiday Wars is our end of year, In-House Competition which redefines Fitness with every workout! It's similar to the Open, but more Fun and you guys can win stuff! Every week I will announce a workout to be performed for the week. You have the entire week to submit your best score. We typically do the workout as a class during the week and you have the rest of the time to re-do it or enjoy the show. Is this a team competition? No! This is an individual ....

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  • CrossFit Open

    The 2020 CrossFit Open is coming up on Thursday, October 10th! We are geared up and ready as we'll ever be to perform these 5 workouts that Dave Castro has prepared for us! What does it mean for us? As a CrossFit affiliate, we will be participating in the Open. Each week a new workout gets announced on Thursday Night and we will be performing the workouts on every Friday until the conclusion of the Open in November. We will be grouped into Teams and based on performance, we will each earn points for our team. See the scoring system below. What team am I on? There are 6 Teams. Matterhorn - Team Captain Joe Marble Moose Knuckles - Team Captain Justin Janus Team Ingleton - Team ....

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  • Hot Wings Trivia Night

    Hot Wings Trivia Night

    FRIDAY NIGHT HAPPY HOUR! Next Friday, July 26th 6:00pm Post WOD We will be hosting the first CFDA Hot Wings Trivia Night! Questions will be asked, If you answer correctly you are safe. If you answer incorrectly eat a wing. Each wing gets progressively hotter. Once you finish all 10 Wings, you are done. There are no skipping questions. Everyone will have 30 seconds to answer the Trivia question. This will be Multiple Choice. All participants will have a white board and a marker to submit answers. Partners will be allowed. Sauces to be enjoyed are as follows: 1. Howler Monkey 2. Sriracha 3. Heartbeat Hot Sauce 4. Son of Zombie - Torchbearer 5. Blair's After death Hot Sauce with Liquid ....

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