We hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to take on this week’s challenges. We have 5 Great workouts for you guys that present different stimulus and challenges.

Today is a workout that is designed to be intense, but also have set rest periods. The focus is on getting the task done at a reasonable time to ensure getting proper rest for the next rounds.

Complete a round every 5 Minutes for 30 Minutes of the following:
400m Run
10 Burpees over the Bar
10 Hang Cleans at 135lbs M. 85lbs. F.

What we want is for you guys to choose weights and reps that make sense for the task at hand. If you aren’t getting through the rounds with a little break then we need to take the weight down or take the reps down to ensure you’re getting the proper stimulus.

Be smart about this one as it will set you up for the rest of the week!

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Another challenging workout we have in store for you is a 22 minute AMRAP of Double Unders, Overhead Squats, Snatches and some gymnastics work.

This workout is going to test your skills, grip and ability to hold sustain proper mechanics. The toes to bar and Pull ups will eat your hands up so make sure to bring proper gear or tape for safety.

Our goal is to test you guys are different abilities each week! We love the progress your making and we hope to continue it through the Summer!

We have a few more fun workouts, but I will let those be a surprise!

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